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Type of Product Medicine
TGA Recall Reference RC-2022-RN-00414-1
Product Name/Description Nivea Sun Protect and Moisture Lotion SPF 30 200ml
Product code: 85616
Batch number: 12640440-BN
Expiry date: 06/2024

Nivea Sun Protect and Moisture Roll-on SPF 50 plus 65ml
Product code: 86098
Batch number: 12669940BN
Expiry date: 06/2024

AUSTL 270876 and AUSTL 286352
Recall Action Level Consumer
Recall Action Classification Class II
Recall Action Commencement Date 21/04/2022
Responsible Entity Beiersdorf Australia Ltd
Reason/Issue Beiersdorf Australia is informing that benzene contamination in one of the raw materials (C12-15 alkyl benzoate) has led to low level contamination of some sunscreen finished goods. Two batches containing the contaminated material had benzene above the acceptable limit.

Benzene is a Class 1 residual solvent, which should not be employed in the manufacture of drug substances, excipients, and drug products because of its unacceptable toxicity (it is a recognised carcinogen).

This action does not affect any other batches of NIVEA Sun Protect & Moisture SPF30 Lotion 200ml or Nivea Sun Protect and Moisture Roll-on SPF 50 plus 65ml. The two batches have been distributed to pharmacies and retailers since September 2021.
Recall Action Recall
Recall Action Instructions Distributors and Retailers:
- Distributors and retailers are to quarantine affected product for shelf in stores and check stock on hand in warehouses.
- Seek disposal or return instructions from Beiersdorf Australia Customer Service.
- Inform customers

- Consumers are to stop using and dispose of the affected product.
- Consumers are asked to contact Beiersdorf Australia Customer Service
Contact Information (02) 9888 0853 - Customer Service Manager